Fashion Show fundraiser This Saturday!

Do you know anyone missing? 
“I do”. 

Read more to find out about something I haven’t opened up before: 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

This time with great pleasure “Calipso Collection fall edition” is happy to be part of a fashion show at a local fundraiser for a worldwide organization that champions the welfare of orphans and victims of “human trafficking”. 

I don’t share about this to people but today I wanted to open the pain in my chest, and share with you a deep sadness: one of my cousins has been missing for over 2 years. 

Inevitably any help towards ending this terrible mark in our world means the world to me! 

Come to make your mark, a positive and powerful impact towards ending human trafficking! 

Event venue @buffalosoldiermuseum hosted by @ife.wole @ife.aye #ife150 

Get your donation tickets today at 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 

You’ll experience an internationally inspired fashion show, delicious food, local vendors,  live performance, Luisa Nadarajah fashion and other talented artists.

Saturday December 14th 


Houston, TX 77004

Tickets starting at $35

December 11th Pop-up

Limited edition NEW arrivals! 

Check out some of the kids hand embellished colorful sweaters! 

For my gals:  one of a kind winter looks, baby alpaca earmuffs, alpaca sweaters, wool ponchos, long sleeves tees and more! 


You and your friends are invited to our FREE upcoming charity shopping event: 

10% of all sale proceeds will go straight to Nora’s Home: 

“Nora’s Home treats patients suffering from end stage organ disease and facing the need for life saving transplant surgery”

Check out our 20 + vendors; from chocolatiers to clothing and jewelry. 

Venue; Medical Center, Nora’s Home

8300 El Rio St. Houston Texas 77054

Date and time: Wednesday December 11th 2019 10am to 4pm

Need to see what we’ll have? check out my video!

I spend time and thought  searching for my next shopping destination. I strive to find the best artisan work in the area!  I search for quality, fair trade and eco-friendly innovative beautiful fashion! 

I shop for a lady in mind that expects all these things from my trips, a client that loves uniqueness and embraces sustainability. 

If you wish to join our tribe, come and see what I’ve been curating and designing for you!

Calipso Collection seen by Zac Posen

I had the pleasure of meeting Zac Posen this week! 

My friend Blanca Jolly was wearing my favorite blouse from my past collection! 

Zac posen was tearing at her and even touched my blouse to feel the texture! 
When I just arrived to Houston and had no idea about the fashion brands in North America, Neiman Marcus gave me a chance to work for them! 

Little did I know that one of the hardest jobs in my life would pay off so much in the later years or even until today! 

After over 8hs of being on my feet styling every day, I built some of the best relationships in my life; from clients to my Neimans family friends.

I started with $11 per hour for 3 months back in 2012!!! and looking back at it now, it was one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever done regardless of the salary! 

“Neimans was my stepping store and guide to success and will for ever be a place I call home”

Thank you Neiman Marcus Houston team for always loving and supporting what I love doing!

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