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Our past fashion shows since 2015

We've had events from 50 to 200 attendees 

Homage Fashion Show April 1st is set to have 150 attendees 

On our guest list: young professionals that love fun events + fashion + art!  

Photo credit to Saba
150 Attendees showing support for our events with art + fashion!
Photo credit to Saba
200 attendees in their best dressed looks have attended our shows.
2016 Fashion Show
Museum Of Fine Arts MFAH
MFAH showcased 3 of our designs. 3 of our looks were announced 1st price and audience choice winners!
Walking on Water Fashion Show
Houston Chronicle
Our designs are published and exhibited in Houston Media and Houston's pristine locations!
Fundraiser Fashion Show 2017
We founded a Fundraiser 501C(3) back in 2015 and this was one of our fundraiser fashion shows!
Fashion Show Fundraiser 2015
Fundraiser Fashion Show
Fundraiser Fashion Show
Picture Credit to Ming from Anemax
With my models
Picture credit to Ming from Anemax
Picture Credit to Ming
Ming from Anemax
Fundraiser Fashion Show 2015
Fundraiser Fashion Show 2015

Sponsor booklet

This is a sample of the flyer booklet to be shared at the fashion show to all attendees 

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A message from the designer

" My first-ever sale was at the age of 3, when my mom was selling as well. I managed to learn very quickly " 

From that moment, my mom knew that I was following her footsteps. 

She was a very successful fashion designer in Peru and Argentina! 

Now, mover 30 years later, selling + events + fashion + art comes natural and is engraved in me. 

My aim is to share the spotlight at my events with businesses I love like yours! 

" Allow me to share your business with my network today "

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