"How it all started"

“Growing up with a fashion designer mother and a factory full of sewing machines it shaped my life passion in fashion and creativity from age o” 

But didn’t realize that I was made to be in the eco-friendly fashion industry until much later in life. 

When I turned 30 I made several outfits from trash  that looked like a million dollars, that’s when I stumbled upon my hidden super powers. 

Only after winning first place 3 times and having my work exhibited at the MFAH Museum of Fine Arts Houston,  under the unconventional wearable art category fashion show, in 2015/16, I got enlightened about my career, mission and purpose!  

We, as a brand understand the importance of contributing to our planet and know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting agents in our world. Our passion is not only to make avant-garde recycled designs, but also to embrace them with an impactful message. 

Mission Statement:

Ethical, fair trade and sustainable fashion are at the forefront of our business values in "every sale we make". 


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