Luisa Nadarajah Eco-friendly Fashion House 

Presents Fall fashion Show on Saturday November 12th 6-10:30pm

Eco-friendly Houston based fashion designer is creating a collaborative and communal wearable art project in the form of a Fashion 

Location: Downton Houston Private Venue

She’s calling her Fashion Show “The Homage Collection FALL EDITION”

We’re paying homage to those that have and are still donating unwanted fashion goods from people that passed away. 

We’re also paying homage to local artist with disabilities, from our partnership with “Celebration Company Non-Profit”. 

They’ve created some of the printed artwork of the runway looks

Our team is reclaiming unwanted fashion goods and presenting them in the form of a fashion show that has fabric and trims from people that are no longer with us.  

Luisa and her team are collecting unwanted fashion materials from anyone in the community to turn them into runway ready samples. This can be a wedding dress, buttons, denim, patches, broken jewelry and eve scraps!  

Her past collections were made from car parts from junk yards and a collection from her trips to south America in search for re-cycled hand embroidery! 

A message from the designer:

I’ve work hard for many years towards turning my passion and dream job into reality. I didn’t know how it was going to pan out. I was uncertain when I would be able to support my family doing what I love while making a positive impact in our community and our planet! Specially with such a cut throat and polluting fashion industry! 

The support of our community makes all the difference in the world and you know you’re at the right time and the right place to succeed! 

Tickets to the event and sponsorship opportunities are on our site 

Complementary light bites and drinks will be provided by the designer 


 Live performance singer Angela Nichols and Morena Rosas

Hosted by Luisa Nadarajah a Peruvian/Spanish/Argentinian Latina mom artist with a fashion designer medium. 

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I recycled my wedding dress:

It was such an honor to win 1st price at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston after having recycled my wedding dress! 

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