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Sewing WORKSHOPS ages 10-12

$50.00 USD

Welcome to our Eco-friendly + sustainable + fun + fashion In-Person classes

We're excited to share our fashion skills with your little ones the first Sunday of every month! .

What to expect, while learning basic sewing and craft skills behind masks and following protocols your kids will safely be able to take home a beautiful Eco-friendly + fair trade + fashion item home made by them! 

Do they know how to sew a button, to make a simple pattern or  put a needle on a thread and patch up fabric? Then this is perfect for them. 

These are some of the many crafty lessons in the curriculum. 

We love sharing creative ideas on how to turn "waste" into art. Fashion is our self-expression,  teaching our future generations to  use their creativity in this industry is what we're great at.  I’m an expert at unconventional materials, your kid will surprise you with all with super fun fashionable item per class, better yet she or he will learn how to recycle and find beauty in waste ! 

 I’m humbled to say I’ve won multiple first price awards and competitions, so has my talented fashion designer assistant Cyndi that is teaching with me in the class. 

My work has also been exhibited at the MFAH and other public and private places. I’ll be sharing all my tips and tricks to make things look like a million bucks

They'll learn how to recycle and re purpose unconventional materials with tees + hair accessories + bags + ornaments + and much more: 

Syllabus and curriculum:

Sunday April 24th  = Sewing a tote  with up cycled fabric 

Sunday May  15th = Sewing a bandana  

Sunday June 26th = Sewing a summer tank top 

Details and information: 

-Class time is 2 hours plus  an optional 15 min  "show and tell presentation" after each class. We know how excited they get to share what they make. kids get to present their work with the new class coming in and teens present their artwork live on social media, our facebook and or instagram. 

-We welcome kids with disabilities, please send us an email before signing them up to ensure we have the right staff and access for your child or teen. 

-Class venue She Space Office Space 

Lower Heights District.2799 Katy Freeway, Suite 250.Houston, TX 77007

-Class or packages are not refundable and can be rescheduled with a 24hr notice

-6 kids or teens average class capacity

-Materials included 

-For any questions or inquiries don't hesitate to email us @ luisanadarajah@gmailcom

-Instagram @luisa_fer_nadarajah

-Facebook @

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