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If you have sponsored any of our events in the past please write a review below, we want to hear from our sponsors!

Any past sponsor of $1000 and up will receive a 15% discount promo code

To be used for any sponsorship package and event tickets for any or our 2023 events!

We have 2 fashion presentations and one is coming up on April 2nd at Shespace! 

Have you reached the exposure you needed at our networking fashion events? 

Have you met potential clients through your networking fashion events?

Have you been referred to clients from us or have met new clients at any of our events?

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Clients, please leave a review: 

We love creating, making, curating and selling our designs, so when you wear it and leave a review it's an affirmation that our work is not in vain. Please leave a review and or feedback to better our brand and to motivate other shoppers to jump in and purchase from us! 

Thank you and we look forward to dressing you again and again! 

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Luisa Nadarajah and team 

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