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Pink Voodoo mask + headband + hat accessory!

$19.99 USD

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All masks are 3 in 1:

Mask + headband + hat accessory!

This Pink mask  is lined with cotton fabric allowing a tissue paper to be inserted for extra protection. 

Add some color with this limited edition Voodoo mask inspired by the textures from South America! 

EXTRA bonus, all of Luisa Nadarajah's masks turn into headbands + hat accessories with elastics we've created to add a sustainable element to your next mask. 

The price includes SALES TAX and FREE SHIPPING!

This masks was created with the intention to be useful even after Covid. This way, less pollution fills our landfills and it inspires us to become aware of each purchase we make! 

This comes in kids sizes, check out our kids product!

Click here to watch a short video about how our 3 in 1 mask and headband work:

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