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Red Blanca mask + headband + hat accessory!

$30.00 USD

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For America's Birthday we're giving away one pink mask all of JULY!

Limited Edition RED Blanca mask is 3 in 1: 

Mask + headband + hat accessory!

100% cotton with an 100% cotton lining that allows a tissue paper insert for more coverage.

This unique creation of mask + headband and hat accessory is not only for practicality, we're a fashion brand that cares about the planet. After Covid our masks will not have to end up in a landfill because they'll end up in your head! 

This cute mask has a fine print inspired by Dior's collection! Classy and elegant for the modern ladies of this new century! 

This product includes SALES TAX!

Complementary  shipping  

All orders placed during 5 de Mayo receive their matching scrunchies! 

 Click here to watch a short video about how our 2 in 1 masks and headbands work:

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